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How to get rid of the search engine with interpretation of accurate marketing!

method two: because of the time, we


well, thank you for your support. The first original release (I hope to have the opportunity to be recommended), reprinted, please explain from 17 push BBS Zhuifeng handwriting, efforts to ha!!!

if this article recommended it, I promise every week to share some of our 17 forum members gropes in actual combat experience, although not necessarily to ensure that we get the number of orders, to attract much traffic, but at least can help you go a lot less detours. read more


How to make their sites to search engine home

this is the first step, the key is very important. Download a Alexa toolbar (preferably Alexa贵族宝贝 official), install it on your computer, this tool is only 483K, very small, in addition to install after let your browser window a little bit, not what other effects.

whether it is to do the promotion, or optimization, almost all of the original strongly recommended. Only fresh original content is the website content class, the past is the content of the website or put all sorts of things together even more harm than good. High quality content to attract users to visit the website. When the user has become the site of repeat, website ranking will rise. read more


Zhang Jianfei analysis of Web site traffic acquisition method

search engine is to obtain the most direct and rapid flow, and is now the most commonly used many webmasters a traffic access. Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization) is from SE (Searching Engine) a method for obtaining the most cost-effective method to obtain the flow, a flow but this method is very risky, told us that the website is K, back to the night before liberation". So webmaster want to realize web traffic diversified acquisition method.

open platform, can also use the Tencent’s QQ group, QQ space and other places to get traffic, where the flow is very considerable, with up to hundreds of millions of users of the QQ, and at the same time online number has exceeded 100 million. This simple said QQ space, imagine one hundred 90 users opened QQ space, if the 90 users in the daily number of only 10 people to enter the QQ space, then the one thousand person is one hundred to enter, and so on, webmaster friends can estimate the potential value of QQ space, a space of the QQ a Tencent or a Tencent, and many other services, we as long as the tip of the iceberg of the user, even if it is also a very significant figure. read more


How to create a continuous chain circle strategy of small and medium sized enterprise website

so how to better the construction of the chain site? Although for small and medium enterprises in the construction of the chain is relatively difficult, but if we avoid the small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction of the chain’s weaknesses, give full play to the advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of capital, in fact, we can build the chain ecosystem more good thus, effectively improve the quality and stability of the construction site outside the chain. For the optimization of the website can often play a multiplier effect. read more


Key factors interactive website optimization

site, most of the show is an important part of the site. In fact, in the effective parts divided into small pieces, do a quiz interactive forum. If visitors can answer problems show up in the eye-catching place. So, when other users encounter similar problems, you can avoid re cycle Q & A.

website optimization, is the main way of natural search engine ranking. Thus, to obtain certain flow from the network. The search engine in the planning step by step, produced a certain blocking force. Now the main trends: e-commerce platform for web site, is a new network marketing platform. In bloom above certain enterprise content, through the network media to the campaign, and formed a certain website conversion rate. Most of the enterprises are website nature catch rate, obtain the corresponding effect. At present, the search engine environment, not optimistic, have some limitations. The increase of e-commerce enterprises, also greatly increases the degree of competition. Thus, users scattered. So, how to make access to the users of the site, form a real enterprise users? This point is all website optimization personnel, should consider the issue of the formation of the final conversion, was the target. read more


ncrease the weight is in the original or outside the main chain

open in early October to be love Shanghai drop right has not been restored, because love Shanghai right down the flow line open down, now is the content page keywords ranking suck, how to do? Website weight is not high, so the article published every single page cannot get good this ranking is very deadly

usually you stick to 10 words a day, for 1 months, normal work day count, which is 22 days, that is a month down 220 days have a good weight! Of course if you want to enhance the website weight more words, the we must adhere to the above 3 months, basically is 660 piece! Of course, if you have money, the number can be released every day more, so the effect will be better! read more


The love of Shanghai K station enlightenment firmly grasp the real user promotion is the kingly way

, a Shanghai love is just a search engine, the webmaster should not be too dependent on the user, it is fundamental to.

Direct extension of

brand building 2, by the scale of the network marketing, although this method is the best effect, however, is suitable for the enterprise, because the need to invest a lot of money to carry out network marketing and brand building.

web site traffic way has many kinds, can be roughly divided into the following three categories:

3, Shanghai dragon optimization, through Shanghai Longfeng technical means, the site in the search engine keywords (like Shanghai) good rankings, so as to obtain the flow, to achieve profitability. This method is the most current trend if greedy method is the fastest, most webmaster is consistent with the utilitarian attitude. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is operational thinking today ruled most webmaster, many webmaster also resulted in "IT" become migrant workers basic reason, with the search engine and gradually improve the focus on the user experience, Shanghai dragon station optimization to get the ranking of ideas, gradually exposed the shortcomings. The love of Shanghai area long K station, fully confirms the pure Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to get traffic is not reliable, too much love Shanghai, once the webmaster of the site was K, all efforts will come to nothing, the cruel reality will soon appear in front of. The author personally. read more


Yao Jingang the most relevant information about love in Shanghai

, a search results page title contains search keywords, ranking mainly with the site itself on the site and well-known brand website has great advantages. As long as the keyword with the title, the most relevant information to love Shanghai, and the traditional web page ranking algorithm has great difference, external link anchor text may not have what role here. As shown below.

display information more timely, in Shanghai the most relevant information results page, we can find that the results are displayed on each display page included time, included time is generally a few hours before, there are 1 days before, 2 days before the Google search, and always have some similar, from the user level speaking, users will naturally love to watch the latest content. From the site level, the more frequently updated website can get more traffic from the system. read more


On the inside pages included but not included in the cause of home

This forces

: pages included home page screenshot is not

1, "test military forces" the keywords high density

summary: Xu Guoxiang analyzed 2 reasons above, there are different views of friends, welcome to exchange views, I think the new railway station, this issue is still normal, then continue to update the article, and the more the chain, believe that the home page is to be included, a period of time is not included, the estimate is right down because of the.

we met are not included in the home page, the page of the situation, recently sent a friend to look at the site when they found the inside pages included, but home but not included, feel very strange, for the love of Shanghai, perhaps not surprising, there are all kinds of situation, we can do is to analyze reasons try to avoid, which caused right down, do the daily update work, insist on doing every day outside the chain, the website below specific to talk about my friends: read more


Keywords virtual son rain ranked a huge impact for site traffic


B, assistant of the general long tail keywords I recommend using the column page to optimize, because these pages do update is changing, but the correlation is relatively high, also in our content page will bring extra long tail keywords chain back to this page, this phenomenon is more prominent in the medical industry, the treatment method of lung cancer for example, as long as it is about the treatment of lung cancer can be linked to this page. Keywords auxiliary traffic is very large, generally less than the main keywords, just because it belongs to the long tail keywords, so neglected. If we can do these auxiliary keywords ranking, even do first, then we get the flow may be higher than that of the main keywords bring traffic, because the main keywords ranking will be very difficult to do. read more


The actual type of hospital website optimization and planning

only website users continue to increase, the hospital.


said "active", I will give you an example.


hospital site planning, operation directly affects the entire network team process, and even can be said to be the hospital to carry out network marketing "headquarters", its role should not be overlooked. The person in charge of the network is very busy, since we have planned this bowl of rice, it may help leaders give advice and suggestions can not be sloppy, set. For their own work, live up to the trust and cultivation of leadership, to afford you every day sitting in the office to earn the money. Do the planning must have its own personality and pursuit, have their own insist, know how to do it? Why would you do that? What is the benefit of the site and the hospital? What effect? At least, you have to think!! an obvious point, in the network marketing of the hospital is a very wonderful the way you want to make the website more vivid, also convenient for users to take the initiative to communicate with the hospital consultation. read more


Do not understand Shanghai dragon soft words network marketing path must be tough

if we want to know in Shanghai love to guide users to search our brand word to promote Shanghai Longfeng effect? I see a lot of people after answering other questions directly with the brand name in the back, or is the brand name on the back of the front or when asking a question, but this so-called brand name is the problem with eight lever play together, is hard to appear. In fact, the people most.

Shanghai dragon now is more and more complicated, the test is no longer a single factor, but the overall factor is more and more strong. But is the study of the comprehensive quality of network marketing. This is what we want to master a variety of effective means of promotion to promote our site. Because of these for Shanghai dragon is beneficial, such as a very successful online brand, moved to the line is also very easy to success. Because the search their brand word is good for the Shanghai dragon, as we do not do the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Because the other network promotion is favorable to our Shanghai dragon. If your brand name is many people in search of love Shanghai, for a long time, the amount of up after. Shanghai love will give you the website brand words to its brand in the library, it is very useful for Shanghai dragon. Because your site search brand word more people on behalf of your audience more, an audience site search engine is worthy of respect. Even if your site made some mistakes, they did not dare you ZhengZhan K. Because you are the audience, just like playing the ZAC for example, in love not to Sina Shanghai search, users do not think this is the problem of sina, but will think this search engine problems. They immediately changed the search engine, search engine is not acceptable. read more


Chen Jirou B2B website promotion optimization talkative

I do see what help to you. The following is my operating station, Hangzhou Hengxinda Chemical Co. Ltd. the main push www.hxdchem贵族宝贝 key words: Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou soda alkali sulfide sodium sulfide sodium sulfide sodium sulfide boric acid manufacturers price.

above we can see that the site of the first 20, we are very familiar with, but I want to say is not all sites for B2B marketing (here mainly for the love of Shanghai and other search engines), as ranked first in third of the Alibaba, China’s manufacturing network is not the most suitable, according to my observation, love Shanghai for Alibaba included is not good (I mean here is no charge) in a Alibaba if you not integrity is very difficult to obtain the ranking in Alibaba, and love Shanghai not included in your product information, so the Alibaba to do the friend please note. Talk about China manufacturing network, the website weight is great, but through the examination of the membership can only be released 10 information for us to optimize the hundreds of thousands of words, it is not enough. The other I will not do so, what good they can go to the mining site, only do we have to know. I through the analysis, research and practice and combining our own products, I choose a total of more than 20 platforms, here I will cite the 10 B2B website for your reference: 1: Marco Polo; 2: 3: Global trade; a hundred responses to a single call; 4: HC; 5: million net; 6: > Enterprises read more


Discussion on rational feeding chain resources play a greater role

We are familiar with the

for writing platform, such as A5, Chinaz, DoNews of the platform, we can also take these space optimization, such as the Links, we can give them a plus, such as their several columns are connected with each other, in fact, we are writing the space to be included, see A5’s personal space a new snapshot, or

is the chain resources which in addition to collect, have reasonable feeding, we are most familiar with is a blog, such as their registration of several tea blog, aimed at the promotion of the tea set yourself a few keywords, blog just registered first do not take the chain, the weight of high after the hair of the chain, the belong to the conventional approach. In fact, we can change another way to keep it, treat it as a site to exchange, such as Links, the construction of the chain, the sprocket blog, the original articles published and so on, so that we can enhance the weight of blog, rely on their own copy and paste the article to their own blog weight, the it is fantastic, many Shanghai dragon Er is so, a blog for the chain, so every day I seem to blog a lot of articles, the articles are in fact is not a little effect. Here’s how I raised the blog: read more


Shanghai dragon who told the two important things

suggestions to the webmaster address sent, let you take a look at how the love of spiders in Shanghai. Address: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/guide.html. In order not to let you forget, you can fall in love with the sea search "love Shanghai for stationmaster opinion" is the first. In fact, what do you do on any website, will have the help and advice, so the webmaster must consider., welcome to reprint, please indicate the source but ha, thank you ~~

I have an article stolen, then sent to other sites, the corresponding station administrator said I was pirated, I depressed ah, what was stolen, also sent to the famous website up. This is a good lesson, after my first composition must first sent to the A5 station, otherwise it is sent out. read more


Talk about the nternet page value for small owners enlightenment

The second is the only

, the scarcity of popular talk is also called the ". A mobile phone number of the problems mentioned in this paper, we search for a mobile phone number in Shanghai, in the search results found that many are in the forum or an information platform to see, even if the website user experience is not good, if not too stable, even if the weight is low, but the ranking is still well, because it is unique, it is scarce, the user needed information. This example also underscores a timeless truth: rare. This is a reminder to us very good, that is not heavy, others are some things we do not copy. Otherwise, it is not rare. read more


The new owners is poor to bully you

has always been to another safety promotion 360 browser, in white users occupy most of the desktop, a mirror system. Not what harm this system ah, it allows users to visually see whether this site for the record, increase your credibility. Provide users with a visual data identifying website. This system may be known by the webmaster. I am also in order to increase the authority of my website, with the record companies. The identification results inform the 360 no longer accept the security of the site, when once again open identification, wait for notification. I have to say, I have last year bought a table! What do you mean? The enterprise record is a secure website? You notice after the filing of the site is not safe? By the early are lucky. read more


Website construction must be more from the user perspective

is the link layout is a science, the reasonable layout of the link is of great help to improve the user experience and search engine perception. The layout can effectively link in many places, the common position of the breadcrumb navigation site navigation bar, each column inside the channel, and the website content inside the site map and related links, and so on.

The main purpose of

is actually a lot of people fall into the mistake of thinking that in the process of website construction, the implementation of internal links to enhance the website ranking. So, hidden text in various ways, even the bridge page link It is often seen.. From the perspective of network marketing, in fact may not be the case, Shanghai network company pilot technology that link building more should consider from the user’s point of view, the value to the users of the same link to help the search engines crawl web content. Any violation of user value links, perhaps in a short period of time can be the ideal site activity ranking, but definitely not for a long time. Many people may have different views, the author of many years of experience in the construction site, from the user’s point of view, step by step analysis as follows: read more


Love Shanghai pay more attention to the original A5 algorithm to update the original support

said today the topic is I experienced the most troublesome problem, is not to say that our webmaster friends are not original, but very pseudo original, when you see me as a person, you never know my name is Mo Xiangzhao, but you are in stationmaster net or other website to see my original article, I am not mixed with the Internet, now is the bright younger generation for 13 consecutive days of 27, the original issuance, but only one is not webmaster network through the audit, I can have this ability is derived from the history of 10 years, 02 months, I went on the Internet on the road, but the scene is on the net, the webmaster webmaster information is active, and never speak up, I concentrate on studying the existing owners of the article, why should I do such a foolish thing, the reasons are as follows: 1. of his students Life is mostly absorbed knowledge is not much, even if you can learn to learn every day, in only fifty percent, I understand my education is not enough, the result is not good. 2. people can always learn more than their progress in our daily, this often said that it is never too old to learn, but little real action, I did move, because I want to succeed, I want to change myself. 3. now stationmaster friends to learn Yimushixing, comments are passing across, etc. " read more


Pay attention to the analysis of 360 tourism website optimization Shanghai Longfeng case details

Keywords: tourism, tourism, tourist routes, tourist guide, travel

meta and elemental analysis

is the two travel tool, but is very convenient for the users really need to travel. Many net >


navigation is very clear, very eye-catching. In addition to the home page, a total of 4 topics, domestic and outbound tourism attractions, attractions, and train tickets.

tourism website and train tickets:

(1) first look at "title, this is the key part of the website, the writing is very simple, but the site location and keywords do very well," travel "was repeated four times, in 360, the brand of tourist routes, tourist attractions, service content, which is the main line and scenic spots the contents in the website. Here, the website main tourist routes recommendation service, and provide the line price is directly related to the profit point of group purchase, associated. Good use of the brand value, but also highlighted the theme of the site. read more